KTM Oil Filtering Covers

My KTM ‘Magnetic’ Oil Covers

These KTM Oil Filtering Covers have been developed with the collaboration of a magnet manufacturer who has a doctorate in material engineering. It’s a replacement oil filter cover for KTM bikes that contains a strong magnet to filter out additional ferrous particles from the oil as they pass through the filter. The magnets are manufactured and licensed to fit this application. They have a higher pulling strength than normal magnets enabling the size to be in keeping with the original OEM covers.

View: My KTM Magnetic Oil Filtering Cover, chamfered version

On all the latest oil filters for all the KTM Adventures, SM’s, Dukes, all RC8’s and LC8’s, there is a bypass release valve, so if the filter blocks the bypass valve will open. For example, if the water pump seal seeps or due to high mileage service intervals the oil filter may block and collapse, and the valve will open. BUT, there will be NO oil pressure warning light indicating this; – pure madness!

Two examples, the camshafts on my Super Enduro started breaking down due to non-metal inclusions during the manufacturers casting process, so tiny bits of extremely hardened steel were released into the oil, fine that’s what an oil filter is for. You hit a false neutral and grind gearbox teeth, it happens but what is stopping those extremely hardened steel particles in the oil circulating with the oil bypass valve open? Nothing, or perhaps the rubber valve just failed….it doesn’t take a great deal of moisture or coolant to clog paper oil filters.

Magnetic Filtering Cover Properties

If this happens, all the oil will flow past the Magnetic filtering Cover at its strongest point, continuing to filter the oil and trapping any hard ferrous particles. So it’s an added protection, additional peace of mind.

View: The round version of my KTM Magnetic Oil Filtering Cover.

On all the LC8’s there is a pressure release valve in the oil pump housing. When the oil pressure is too high, a piston moves held by a spring which then dumps oil back into the sump.

So the bypass valve in the oil filter must open before the oil pump pressure release valve. In our opinion this has not been thought through correctly.

The filter cover has been designed to highly magnetize the steel cap and steel centre core of the oil filter. Its magnetic field extends deep into the oil filter chamber filtering the oil circuit and not like a sump magnet.

Oil Filtering Cover How Does It Work

Main Advantages Over OEM Cover.

1) It filters the oil on the Oil Circuit rather than Particles that settle out of oil onto the sump or oil tank magnets. It is far more powerful than the OEM Magnets.

2) It Magnetises the metal parts of the oil filter, including stainless steel oil filters. Trapping More Particles and keeping the oil filter Cleaner and for Longer.

3) It is a Fail-Safe. If the valve in the oil filter opens, Now there is something Actually Filtering your oil And removing hard metal Particles.

4) It makes Removing the oil filter from your bike a Piece of Cake.


It is critical not to have any possibility of corrosion or any contamination in the engine, so the magnets are fully encased. You’ll never struggle to get your oil filter out again, but keep the cover at least 3 inches away from your phone, credit cards etc!

My Manufacturing Types:

We have manufactured two types for the most popular KTMs:

Round – p/n. 75038041200 and Chamfered – p/n. 59038041000

In the gallery view you can see a large pair of pliers attached solely on the steel cap of the bypass valve style oil filter, to illustrate how much it magnetizes it, and a selection of metric sockets showing how strong the magnetic are.

They are machined from solid billet 6082 aluminium and anodized, with the correct sized high quality nitrile O-ring, two M5 flanged bolts and fitting instructions. This is a premium, high end ‘KTM Magnetic Oil Filtering Cover’and is not mass produced. Though it doubles the cost of one oil change, it will help keep the engine’s oil cleaner, extending the engine’s life and will not deteriorate over time. Follow its development on the UK KTM Forum

The Round Cover 75038041200. Fits the 690, Adv’s, RC8, SM, Duke most of the 990’s, all the new 1**0 LC8’s Adv’s, Superduke, 09 onwards 450 XC-W, 09 onwards 500 EXC. And many more.

The Chamfered Cover 59038041000. Fits all the 950’s, early 990’s, 450SMR, 450SX, 505SX, 525, 450XC, 525XC, RFS 250. And many more.

I forgot to add the anodized final versions are 36.54% stronger than prototype.

Fitting Instructions


I’ve also created a FREE PDF which you can download and print. It describes the appropriate fitting instructions for my unique KTM ‘Magnetic’ Oil Filtering Covers; quality bike products, custom made by CharlieNut.

Please double check your bike’s part number before ordering. Some models of the same year can have either cover depending on the manufacturing year of the engine cases and not the year of the bike’s registration.

Part Numbers

Please indicate which version you require in the Paypal Note.

Round – 75038041200 or Chamfered – 59038041000


The cost of the Kit including O-ring and Fixings is £86.00 GBP plus P&P. Paypal only. You can use Credit Cards through Paypal.



UK Second Class Signed For: £4.20

Europe Tracked and Signed For: £10.65

USA/CAN Tracked and Signed For: £15.45

Australia/NZ Tracked and Signed For: £14.40

For other destinations please contact me for prices.
Prices are at cost and I will only send Tracked Postal.