Here you’ll find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I seem to get.
Please read through this page and my products pages before emailing me for more information, as quite possibly your answers just might be found here!


CharlieNut: Answers
Your Questions…

Shipping & Postal

How Are Items Sent?

“All items are sent tracked and signed for, tracking number isn’t sent unless requested or item is taking longer than normal to arrive.”

When are items dispatched?

“Dispatch is normally within 48hrs from receipt of payment subject to stock.”

What’s the delivery time outside the UK?

“Delivery outside of the UK is normally 5 working days.”

How do you deliver within the UK?

“Delivery in the UK, first class signed for is around 24hrs, 48hrs for second class but can be longer.”

What happens if your item is out of stock?

“If the item is not in stock then PayPal will not complete the transaction.”

What’s the shipping time for multiple items?

The time is roughly the same. For multiple items please contact us first for postal costs. Multiple item purchases, the individual shipping postal costs will be combined and at the time of shipping, any over payment of shipping will be refunded. Most one of items are shipped individually as combining does not reduce shipping cost due to size, i.e. Side Stand Relocator is classed as large letter with UK post. “

Can you ship EXPRESS Delivery?

“If you require express delivery please contact us first for prices.”

What happens if my item gets lost or damaged in transit?

“We are not responsible for customs delays, damages, or lost parcels. We do our best to help you with any issues that may arise when your package has been posted but we have no authority when it comes to customs.”

Will I receive a receipt for my item

“We post your order without a receipt, if you require a receipt in your shipment to your country of origin please email us. Your online PayPal email receipt is your receipt.”

Will I be charged import duty or tax?

“We post all over the world. BUT; it is up to you to know what costs/charges you may incur when receiving your package from us. Import duties and/or taxes (if applicable) are your responsibility. Check with your local customs office for more information. We do not include any additional taxation in the item price or packaging.”

Do You Combine Postage/Shipping?

“Yes, once your order is packed and sent, any overpaid postage fee will be refunded to your PayPal account.”

Bike Parts FAQ’s

FAQ – Side Stand Relocator

Q. “Are The Counter Sunk Screws On The Wrong Side?”
A. No, the counter sunk holes are not on the wrong side. Read the instructions provided again or look at Pec Gaz’s fitting instruction. Or direct your mechanic to view site.

Q. Will it fit all 950 Adventure’s?
A. No, for pre June 2005 KTM 950 Adventurer’s you may need to modify the frames webbing, 03 and 04 bikes definitely, by removing a small amount of the frames webbing or cutting a slot in the webbing. Check out the KTM Forum post for visuals. A junior hacksaw, marker pen and metal file will suffice.

Q. “Can I Modify The Plate?”
A. If you modify my plate this is solely down to you. (But I’ve not heard of any failures to date).

Technical Note: Be careful to route the side stand kill switch wire and gear position sensor wires correctly, whether you are fitting my bracket or replacing OEM side stand. If you crimp the wires you will get an electrical fault.

Q. Will it fit with my Sump Guard?
A. Yes, the majority of after-market sump guards will fit without any modification, the Relocator was designed to accommodate the OEM and G-IT (adventurespec) sump guards. Some may need some alterations or the recessed area of the Relocator removed.

FAQ – Oil Filter Cover

Q. “Why On The Filter And Not A Sump Magnet?”
A. The sump magnet isn’t on the oil circuit, it’s there to collect debris that settle out of the oil, same for the oil tank and both are just ferrite magnets. Inside the paper oil filters there is a steel tube with lots of holes in it, the filtered oil has to travel through this tube on route to the engines moving parts, its designed to highly magnetize this steel tube and cap without having a magnet inside the filter, filtering all the microscopic nano steel/iron particles that pass easily through the paper filter, they are then trapped onto the steel tube inside the filter and larger particles are draw to the oil filter’s caps. On the newer KTM filters for the 9*0, 1050, 1190, 1290 Lc8’s there is a pressure release valve so if the filters paper pleats get blocked the valve opens…All the oil is going to have to flow past my cover at its strongest point….so it’s added protection, peace of mind…that something is still filtering and trapping any hard ferrous particles.

Technical Note: Our magnetic oil filtering cover was conceived in response to KTM’s bypass valve being introduced into their oil filters, this valve was introduced because of water pump leakage blocking the paper oil filter, rendering the oil pressure lights ability to notify the rider of a problem useless. The valve allows oil to bypass the oil filter in an attempt to prevent serious mechanical failure by allowing the contaminated oil to continue to circulate, so potentially riding many miles with no indication of anything blocking the filter and with nothing filtering the oil, allowing contaminated oil to slowly damage the engine, which will eventually lead to the bike overheating as the only indication of coolant loss.

Q. “Will it affect the electrics/stator?”
A. No, because the magnetic field is static, not moving. When the engine is off, the stator is static…no electricity, same principle.

I’ll answer more FAQ’s as and when the need arises. Hope this covers most of your questions for now. Buy my CHARLIENUT products with confidence. Regards; Charlie….