About Me

Hello and welcome to my website. I have always been into motorbikes from an early age, making my own heath bashers from various bike parts and engines. My love of tinkering with machines and engineering has never ceased to this day. I’ve always loved to get away from the mudane, escape and get away from it all. This escape, pure freedom has led me to Adventure Dual Sports bikes, Africa Twins, XLV’s and now KTM’s.




Now, Charlie Nut is a small company in the UK designing and manufacturing innovative motorcycle parts. I, Charlie, have always been fascinated by engineering and as a kid spent many hours dismantling, fixing and reassembling all sorts of electro-mechanical devices. I would often customise motorcycle parts to fit different bikes and engines and with my love of off road adventure motorcycling, often meaning having to come up with solutions in the field to fix mechanical problems. I now work as a freelance consultant engineer in the telecommunication industry.

Up until recently, My intention was never to set up a business selling these parts, I just wanted solutions for my own bikes that I felt the bikes manufacturers’ poor designs hadn’t addressed properly in the first place. I initially made 3 side stand relocators, one for my own bike and two for friends. Why? Purely as I couldn’t find anything else available on the market that satisfied my own engineering precision. Word then spread and others asked me if I could make parts for them, so 3 soon became 10 parts, then 10 became 20, and so on and so forth. My motorcycle parts are in use all over the globe, have taken part in rallies and have prevented major mechanical failures in the field.

The Charlie Nut magnetic oil filtering cover was conceived in response to KTM’s bypass valve being introduced into their oil filters, this valve was introduced because of potential water pump seal failure, meaning coolant could block the paper oil filter, also rendering the oil pressure lights usefulness to notify the rider of a problem. The valve allows oil to bypass the oil filter in an attempt to prevent serious mechanical failure by allowing the coolant contaminated oil to continue to circulate. So potentially riding many miles with no indication of any faults and with nothing filtering the oil as the contaminated oil slowly damages the engine. Eventually leading to the bike overheating as the only indication of coolant loss, but any mechanical failure during this time there is nothing is filtering the oil, so any hard metal particles like from a bad gear change are also free to circulate around the engine.

Thanks again for dropping by. If you do have any questions, feel free to drop me an email; but 1st please read my FAQ section. Most of the common questions I seem to get are answered there.


I hope you find what you are looking for here. If you are looking for something specially made to your requirements, I’ll see what I can do. My Off Road and Adventure Parts are all made from the best qualities materials here in the UK.
You can buy with 100% confidence in all my products.
Thanks again for stopping by. Best regards, Charlie.